They're hereeee

شوي كبير
بس ميخالف أحطله شي من داخل عشان يصير كبري بالضبط
الجوتي إللي طلبته قبل مقاسه كان 6 و هذا 7.5 ،  يليتني طالبه بس 7
إللي ما يعرف شنو القصة يقره البوست القديم إضغط هنا
للطلب إضغط هنا

now they're big :)
but that's ok I could add something in and they will fit perfectly 
The ones I had before were size 6 , and these are size 7.5, I should have ordered 7
Read the previous post about these shoes

Shoes by Sam Edelman
click here for orders


DooRaa said…
wayed 7ilo 3alech bel3afya
Mademoiselle said…
enjoy these beauties ! x
mimi said…
3aleech bel3afya dear
Bs 9ej mbayen kbeer ! Especially ur right foot bel pic
3ala gooltech 7e6ay shay inside w that will do :)

3ad i never saw u in person if i see a girl wearing those shoes in a mall or something ra7 ashek enha entay :D i may come and give u a big hug 3ala hal amazing blog :*

Moshkela if i hug the wrong girl lol
Anonymous said…
Loool 3alaich bil 3afia they look amaazing! the other day i saw a girl in Max mara wearing the exact same ones i wondered if it was the same girl who bought it from you! Malboos el 3afia !
Zainab Sadiq said…
WOOOW! amazing shoes<3 3aleech bel3afya :)
Me Blogging said…
Dooraa: allah y3afeech

Mademoiselle: walla ma china wayed rfa3

mimi: ee sheftee wayed wesee3, heheheh and come and give me a big hug, but ask gabel :p
al7een athen kil likwait 3indeha nafsa

khal nesa'lha, yohoooo girl who bought the shoes, did you wear it in Salhiya?

zainab: allah y3afeech
Anonymous said…
ay shewaya wayed keber embayen
Rainy said…
this is the nude color?
Unknown said…
ah! i received mine yesterday!
simply Stunning ;)
Me Blogging said…
Rainy: yes this is the nude color

Faith; mo wayed 3ali? Ana 3ad albes wayed 3ali bes 7asait nafse ba6ee7, yemkin lea'na kbeer 3alay
LadyB_Q8 said…
Lol, i'm the one who got it from you bs no malebasta lel7een :P
PiNKiSh said…
3aleech bel3afya , bs entay chum maqasich ? ana 38 y3ni lazim a6leb what size ?
Anonymous said…
Etsadgeen I'm envious of your humbleness. Y3ni mu sij that almost everyone went on haunting the shoes you got yourself. Mu 7ala hathy ana ertefa3 thaghty. Enjoying some exclusivity is a must otherwise et6ee7 sekkita. Again, kudos to your humbleness. Way to go woman :)

Unknown said…
Yes dear it's really high! But an absolute statement ;p
GOD am in love with those ;D

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