They don't fit me :(

تذكرون الجوتي إللي طلبته من سايت ووردروب ؟ إضغط هنا لقراءة البوست
وصل اليوم أو مو ك,بري ، حده ضيق
عاد وايد عاجبني ، بالصج بعد احلى، لونه حلو ، و ثقيل بعد
يقولون إيي ضبط على مقاس ريلج ، كلش لأ ، إيي أصغر من مقاس ريلج بدرجة
و الشي الأبيخ مقاس 38 ماكو منه الحين ،مخلص
المهم ، إللي مقاسه 37 و عاجبة الجوتي خل يدزلي إيميل على

Remember the shoes I ordered from my-wardrobe? click here
They arrived today and they don't fit meeee :( '''''''
They are not true to size they are one size smaller
and the bad news is, they are out of size 38
They look so pretty and heavy too, and I like the color
they are size 37 (feels like 36) if you are interested , contact me on my email

Thank you girls for you emails
now I have to look for a bigger size, instead of (6) I'm going to order (7.5)
walla shakli  bared atwahag fee :p Sam Edelman

Bought from

Update Update
Just placed an order at
sadmah ha :)?


dana said…
hi :) cham youm khatha 3shan yo9al ? 6labteh direct to ur home or aramex ?
cz im placing an order nw
Me Blogging said…
direct to my home and I think it took like 6 to 7 days
dana said…
cool :) cz i really need it :) my size it 36 and only one is left :) wohoo
Unknown said…
هاي ..وايد عجيب بس جم بالضبط البس انا البس 38 و بجم تبيعينه :)
Me Blogging said…
lahh wain mo kobrich, etha entay 38, yemkin yabelich 39 magashoom, min 6agat louboutin betheeej
Unknown said…
etha chthe a5th size 39 ...o e6lb 3n 6re'3 b.o.x
Anonymous said…
i found it on
mimi said…
so if i'm size 8.5 should i order size 9 ?
Me Blogging said…
Walla ma adre, ana 6alabt 1 size bigger, mo half, wesee3 walla thayej
dalal said…
its available in tra :)

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