I ordered this shoes by Sam Edelman, size 37 hope it fits me

click here to order one yourself


ohhh lovely picture from one of my readers
Left: Christian Louboutin - Right: Sam Edelman
thank you Beba


LadyB_Q8 said…
I tried those shoes at Neiman Marcus back in the states on September, A piece of art I may say but they only had the black ones in my size so I didn't get it!
37 was a perfect fit cuz american sizes are a bit bigger !
Anonymous said…
3aleech bel3afyia
Eyaneeeen :D
O enshalah ey9eer ma9'bo6 3aleech ;)

Ana a5af a6lb heels men elnet cuz eryowly sa3at 37 gady sa3at 38 ;/
Anonymous said…
3leich bel3afya :)

I liked them a lot when I saw them online, but they are very high for my taste !
ZeroArk28 said…



Awal Ma sheft el 9orah gelt my soulmate lol

Ur taste is cool :p
Anonymous said…
العزيزة مي بلوجنج

الظاهر خواتي دزوا الصورة

بيبا وأخيييييرا


Mademoiselle said…
latest shoe crush <3

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