Setareh Mohtarez

أنا ويني عن هالمصممه؟
إيننون هدومها
عاد هذا الاخير نسخه من كريستوفر كين
ما أدري شنو أصلها ، إسمها غريب ، جنه ينقال سيتاره محترز ، تهقون إيرانيه؟ وله أفغانية؟
إضغط هنا لسايتها ، محلها أون لاين راح يفتح قريبا

Setareh Mohtarez is a new designer with amazing creations
The last one looks exactly like Christopher Kane's
I don't know what's her nationality but her work is based in New York and her online Boutique is coming soon
Click here to view her website


Unknown said…
when i saw the pictures yesterday i didn't bother to read the name cause i was 100% convinced it's Christopher Kane's
Anonymous said…
Check this dress :
me Blogging said…
Ohh thank you dear but I was looking for that other brand
Anonymous said…
beautiful fabrics! i love Leila Shams too shes awesome!!
Jane Shirra said…
BTW Setareh's collection came out 2009 and Christopher Kane collection came out 2011. You can order her clothes on her's better than getting knockoff.
Me Blogging said…
Yah I know, I emailed her, and still waiting for the reply
Me Blogging said…
Hiiiiii , shakhbarich morasilatkom, thank u for tje info. Mit o ana adawer
Anonymous said…
Setareh Mohtarez came up with this 2 years ago. Christopher Kane is basically a thief. Should be ashamed of stealing the ideas and prints of a new, fresh, and inspiring superstar ready to take on the world. Check out her website at for the real deal!!!
yes, i really love your site and i also have one shop

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