Covered by my cousin Z - Invitations only

the event wil start on the 16th of March and ends at the 19th in Meshref hall # 8

La collage


Photography: Hamad Al-Shaijy
Tel: 229 609 25
Mobile: 656 024 24


MoRe To CoMe....


I love the bracelet with the rings ...must tell us min wain cuz i wanna go buy it 2mrw ;>
Me Blogging said…
from Jeem, you an see the 2 girls standing in their booth
Unknown said…
الكل اقول هالسنه التنظيم و المشاركين روعه ..عاشوا شبابنا و بناتنا صج كويتيه و افتخر
Anonymous said…
<3 I wanna come to Kuwait...


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