Missoni Hotel

بعد ما خلص عرض توني اند قاي ، رحت أشوف الحمام السباحه مال الفندق ، واااااي شي خيال ،اول مره أشوف شي جذي في الكويت ، فنادقنه داثره، أدري إني ما أقدر أتسبح في لاني متحجبه ، بس مو مهم أقدر أقعد أشرب قهوة أو عصير ، بس المهم أقعد هناك بهلمكان الحلو

After the Toni&Guy show, I went to check out the swimming pool of the hotel, OMG, it was breathtaking, we have nothign like that in Kuwait, although I know I went be able to swim there since I wear Hijab, but I won't mind having coffee or juice in this amazing place.

بعد ما شكشكت جم صوره بحمام السباحه ، رحنا تعشينا في مطعم كوشينا في الطابق الأول ، المكان إينن حسيت نفسي جنه في إيطاليا  إللي يشتغلون كلهم إيطاليين ، من كثر ما عجبني المكان قلت لازم أرد باجر مع العائله ، بس نروح القهوه - قهوة شوكو
الأكل كان لاباس ، سمعت ناس قالوا خيال ، بس أنا ما حسيت جذي ، شوي غالي ما توقعت 3 أشخاص بـ 55 دينار

After taking some photos in the swimming pool we went to have dinner at Cucina - firts floor - I felt like I was in Italy, all the staff there were Italian

I loved the place so much that I decided to go again with my family tomorrow, but we will be going to Choco Cafe instead of the restuarant, to try it out

The food was good, I heard people saying it was amazing and so delicious, but I didn't felt that way, it was a bit pricy, KD 55 for 3 people



Unknown said…
Amazing place!!!
Just a Though said…
Hello Toni & Guy hair salon?
Me Blogging said…
No, this is missoni hotel, toni and guy hosted an event there

Toni and guy is in al cournich
Her said…
Looks very nice, enjoy it while this nice weather lasts lol
Anonymous said…
mashalaah 3ajeeeb, ilmfroo'6 y5aloon mokan 7ag ladies :(

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