Missoni hotel - the second day

The Lobby

Outside the ballroom

second floor , I think

ما خلينا داعووس ما صورنه في


Anonymous said…
alpic 7dhaaa tyanen .. o all of ur family outfits amazing mashalla

mimi said…
i'm a big fan of your mom
if the old lady in the pics is your mom please tell her that i'm a big fan of hers

i love it when women dress their age and still look amazing
Sn3a said…
abee l 7eeen
twny dashait booking l laila 90 including breakfast
zain lamma aro7 3ady t9awrene?;p
Tekana said…
Amazing ... Wain 9ayer alhotel ?
LadyB_Q8 said…
Colorful pictures, Loved your Valentino flats ;)
Me Blogging said…
Lola: thnak you

mimi: gelt laha :) thag khelg-ha 3ala kilmat Old lady :p ba3ad shlon nfareg anyway thank you

sn3a, ekhthay maw3ed weyay

Tekana, fe symphony mall, jidam el markaz el 3elmi tagreeban

LadyB; thanx
Anonymous said…
zain refeejtich emlathima eb ni9 el funduq lesh?
Ohter than that, you all look great :)
Me Blogging said…
Hehehe ay wa7da om el aswad?
Maskeena ana la3ba feeha bel computer :p
Anonymous said…
Aha '6alamtha :P
I'm very grateful that we have contemporary and modern hotels in Kuwait. Last time we had a guest over, she was from the US. She was making fun of Radisson Sas the whole time. She said it was helluva old dusty! Can't blame her for that. Even I wouldn't go there now.

Anyways, hope to see local hotels with creative and fresh ideas ;)
Anonymous said…
Wow amazing pics, just have to ask about the black pants, i love how its a straight cut fitted and not body forming, where can i get them from? Thanks
Me Blogging said…
Which girl?the one wearing a black jecket? Its from Zara, bes zara has so many models, u have to try them all one until u get ur perfect fit, mostly they are from (zara women)
mimi said…
Me Blogging:

waaii 7abebty la tez3al :D
ya7lelha :) allah y5aleeha lekom ya rab
Alya said…
The hotel looks amazing.. I can't believe I still havent been there :/
Anonymous said…
Mashalla mashalla look amazing all, the girl with the glittred blazer 7looo I liked it even her nail polish shisma :D meblogging pls pls pls kila bas2lich o ansa ga3da adawr 3alaih bs madre mn wain el braclete eli bl 1st pic diamonds mn wain ? O bssss :)
Anonymous said…
plz the neckleca min wain? amazing mashallah the one with so many toghether

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