Jil's dress

في بالي النفنوف إللي كان في معرض كويتي وفتخر (الصوره الأولى) يشبه جل ساندر (الصوره الثانيه) على أقصر، ودي أجربه ، بس شوديني حولي ، محلهم هناك

لنا ديزاين
شارع المغرب السريع
عمارة يوسف نصرالله
مقابل منطقة الروضة
محل 20 - تلفون 66690113
I'm still thinking of the dress (first picture) in P2BK event, it looks eaxctly like Jil Sander's but shorter (Second picture)
would love to try it but hate to go to Hawalli, as the store is located there
Lana Design
Al-Maghrib Highway st.
Yousef Nasrallah Building
Opposite Al_Rawdha Area
Shop 20 Tel. 66690113


HessandCo. said…
love the short one more than the Jil's! I say go for it!

Mariam said…
i think anha gakt t3rth b 360 b3d
Anonymous said…
i did not like the material and finishing of the dresses.
You can also find her designs at Pop Up at 360. Call her and see if she has any of those dresses there.
Me Blogging said…
Ok thank you girls, will make sure to check her out at 360 mall, 3ad nba3ad el ghbar madre shino 9ar fe ma7alat-hom
Rainy said…
There are too many online website designing the same a dress , check my post :

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