Glittery Fingers

شريتهم من المكتبة
bought them from the bookstore

حطيت صبغ أظافر ... بعدين
Applied nail polish ... then

و آخر خطوه حطيت صبغ أظافر شفاف فوقه
The last step, appling clear nail polish on top


Anonymous said…
nice mug,,mn wain?
Anonymous said…
Very creative
شوقتيني اجربه :)

Anonymous said…
Masadeg. Even the mug min weinnn. What the hell!

Kawkawii said…
حركه تجنن ما جد جربتها

يعطيج العافيه دير على الفكره الرهيبه

my sis did it, bs no good :) it falls all the way but thanks for sharing.
Dear Romeo said…
looks good
but does it last ?
Me Blogging said…
Anonymous :
This is not a mug it’s a small bowl from Emporium , I have it from a long time ago

رورو الشخبوطه + Kawkawii:
إي جربي ، يونس

rencontrer Pauline + Dear Romeo: Walla mine didn’t fall, I still have it
Mariam said…
loved the idea will try it 4 sure ;D
fi al7en bnat haben y9bghon kl athafrhom lon oo al9b3 gabl al25er lon silver ! a7d ydiri shl safa ? ;p cuz wayed 7loo
Anonymous said…
Creative bas mo mratab :/
Maybe when u practice it might look better
Moda Modello said…
Nice bas madre mo wayd 7abit el2lwan ymkin tnagel lon 9obeg '3er w zare ger :) madre
Me Blogging said…
Feel Free: I tried the kil sibi3 loon, liked it, bes i used only 2 colors, i love them together, light purple and light green

Il fekra ena mo mratab, rock n rolly :) al7een wedi asawee kil el thefer

Moda Modelo: yemkin, ra7 ajareb alwan thanya enshallah
Anonymous said…
@ Me Blogging :

Here's my idea of mratab rock'n'roll style .. fe nafs el glitter you want to have on ur nails but not as messy ..

they sell them in cheap makeup shops u know the ones with alot of phillipino/chinese products ?

they have them well arranged on a very THIN stickers (5afeeef nafs el shaash) it's absorbed into your base nail polish color and then you can add el top coat el shafaaf on top when it's dry

when i do it the surface of my nail is FLAT and glittery but in ur case it's like sugar or salt stuck to your nails got it ? :)

sorry tkalamt wayed bs methel ma u give us tips and ideas mn galb aby ashra7lech mn galb :)

good luck
Me Blogging said…
hehehe 7ilwa sugar or salt stuck on my nails ...actually I ment to do it this way, exactly like you describe it sugary look. madr laish bes ana wayed 3ajebni, o ba3dain tara ana a9ab3i kilish mo photogenic, ba3ad 3ashan chethe kilish ma ye6le3on 7ilween

and about the thin stickers I saw that before, and I think I will give them a try, thanx sooo muh for the info.
L.B.T said…
very nice .. so creative Meme :)
LadyB_Q8 said…
it's very funky bs my nails elmnatfeen yfashloon :P
SusHi said…
Mashallah nice idea
bro7 elmaktba b3d shwy ashtrely glitter p ajreb ;p

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