Friday Gathering


Unknown said…
Coral accessories are amazing!!
I'm a fan of your "Friday gatherings". :)
L.B.T said…
Friday Gathering inshallah Dom :)

everything you do .. is beautiful .. trendiest gathering EVA .. u should see our own gathering .. no seriously ..astounding lol
Anonymous said…
Rak'9at el girl ele 3al ba7ar filim lol

Happy Friday :) u all looked amazing
Sn3a said…
ma sha Allah wayed 7lwa l laq6at wel styles!
sara said…
7asafa 3ala shoes bottega tarke'6 feeh 3ala eba7ar ;p
JustHeba said…
I got the same Coral accessories from Capri :)
Loved the post!
Anonymous said…
I saw the coral cuff at bcbg !
Mariam said…
I looove your friday gathering posts! do you think you can start telling us what you all are wearing? or where you got it? :)

Thnx, Mariam :)

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