Friday Gathering - The Storm

and we are still here, waiting for the dust to settle down


A said…
Oh My *gasp*
Allah yster! i'm sure it's gonna hit us here by Saturday! Great entry & luvd the photos, keep it up xx
Anonymous said…
Ambiii El 9ora elli klkum Wagfen jdam el b7r KHyaaaal ,,Ygoulon Enshalla b3d Chm Sa3a Ykhf
Anonymous said…
hatha bel shalaih?
Royalty said…
I am Shocked.
Is the dust storm dangerous?
How are you now?
amal66 said…
الله يحفظكم ويحفظ الكويت واهلها يارب
Moda Modello said…
a7na kena blbar 7azatha ;s ! elwa'93 kan ya sater
Anonymous said…
I really love your blog, i'm following you all the way from the Netherlands haha :D
Me Blogging said…
Hi guys, we r all ok

And helllloooo netherlands

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