Film: Remixed Arabia

Jassim Al-Saddah's first Solo exhibition

March 29th 2011 – March 31st 2011

Posters are sold for KD 450
Read more about Jassim


Punk Princess said…
Thank you for the support!!! And thank you for being part of the overall amazing experience we had!
Manayer said…
It looks much better than I expected. . .:)
Anonymous said…
چنة السعر شويونة مبالغ فيه؟والا في شي أنا مو فاهمته
مجرد استفسار
Me Blogging said…
you are welcome Punk Princess

ee 7ilween

ana 7asait shway chethe , bes yemkin hal ashya' laha tas3eera mo3ayana e7na ma n3arefha?
Anonymous said…
احلى شي الشاب اللي لابس هارم بانتس و شايل كلتش

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