Calling all photographers

كويت برنتر عندها خدمة يديده للموصورين
ألحين كل مصور يقدر ينزل صوره و يعرضهم أون لاين على صفحة كويت برنتر ، و بس جذي ، يقدر بعد يبيعهم ، انا أدري الكويت فيها وايد مصورين زينين ، هذي راح تكون فرصه لهم يعرضون صورهم .
أي أحد يقدر يدخل و يختار الصوره إللي تعجبه بالحجم إللي يبي و يطبعها على كانفز و خلال 48 ساعه يتم توصيلها له.
إذا كنت مصور  و حاب إنك تبيع صورك إضغط هنا للتسجيل
ملاحظة : إنت تحدد سعر صورتك للبيع
إذا كنت حاب تشتري لوحة  تزين فيها دارك إضغط هنا و إختار من مجموعه كبيره من الصور
بجربها ، وايد عجبيتني الخدمه ، بس أنزل الصور بقولكم

Q8 Printer has a new service for photographers.
Now you can sign up, get your personal page and showcase your work through Q8 Printer. It's like having your own gallery. Not only that, you could also sell your photos on printed canvas. Well that's cool. I know that here in Kuwait we have a lot of good photographers that will have the opportunity to showcase their work. People could view their personal page, chose the picture they like, in the size they prefer to be printed and delivered to them within 48 hours.
If you are a photographer and interested in selling your work register here
Note: the photographer get to set his price for his work
if you are just looking for a canvas to decorate your room click here  and chose from a verity of pictures available.

I really liked their service, will upload some pictures and tell you about it later on


Shouq said…
Omg it looks awesome! But all links dont work . Would u please check them ?
And thanx for the post!
Anonymous said…
I tried them. They r very professional.
Me Blogging said…
Shouq: thank you for pointing that out, I have fixed the links, now u could check them out

Anonymous: still didn't get the chance to try them, will do very very soon

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