calling all fashionistas

esraa needs your help
she ordered a christian louboutin shoes that doesn't fit her
if you are interested in buying the shoes contact her at 99992436
size: 38 italian (will fit size 37)
bought it from neiman marcus
price 595 us dollars
costs 190 kuwaiti dinars with shipping


Anonymous said…
allah yhadeekom
its so ugly shows eewwwwwwww
Anonymous said…
allah yhadeekom
so ugly shoes eewwwwwwww
Me Blogging said…
Wehadi el jemee3 enshallah
Anonymous said…
bil 3ax 7ilo 3amali 7g dawam, size'a 37 '6ab6 ?! cuz louboutin dayman runs half size small ..
MeBlogging ahaneich wallah 3la rou7ich ereya'6eya =)
Anonymous said…
wayed 7low bs 7asafaa moo my size ...
Zainab Sadiq said…
i don't like wedges but this one is nice!

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