Bazaar Arabia

This March issue of Bazaar is loaded

Afrah and Sara Bou-Hamra

Shouq Al-Marzouq

Lulu Al-Sabah


DooRaa said…
I really like this march issue and i can't stop flipping the pages
zuz said…
i agree with doora the issue is absolutely fab!
Anonymous said…
from where did u get that edition?

Anonymous said…
Shloon sheikha Paula? Mayseer.
Me Blogging said…
Ana knit belma6ar yoom sharait-ha

Shaikha paula zawjat mobarak jaber al ahead
Anonymous said…
shm3na y76on sara bu 7amra wayed ?? is shes famous ?
Anonymous said…
Walah I was going to tell you about this issue I knew you'd like ;)
You can get it from "that alsalasel", I didn't know that they sell it !
Anonymous said…
who are sara and afrah bo hamra?

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