Welcome VIVA

We welcome VIVA as our new sponsor to the blog
Readers out there, tell us what do you like the most about VIVA


Anonymous said…
I like there offers
VIVA said…
Thank you Me Blogging, we are happy and pleased to be on your blog.
Anonymous said…
the shar3 demashq police man :D

I adoore him
Khaled said…
I've been a happy VIVA internet user for 2 years now, but their customer service is starting to make me consider switching to home dsl. Last week I filed a technical complaint with them, and informed them that the last time I filed a complaint it took a week for them to call me back. Have I received my technical call yet? No.
Secondly, I'm paying 24 KD a month for 7.2 mbps, which is essentially higher than what they are offering the service for now, but when I asked their call center if I should have been upgraded to a higher speed, they said I would have to come in and sign another 2 year contract. That to me is poor marketing for existing customers. I should have automatically been upgraded, and called to pick up a free USB dongle, which would instill brand loyalty.

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