عندي وايد مشاريع و ما في وقت أسويهم
هالأقمشة شريتهم اليوم من البلوكات ، اممموت على الترتر الذهبي و الفضي المطفي

Too many projects too little time
Got these today from the Fabric Store (Al-Blokat) I adore these matt gold and silver sequins


Noor said…
Seems like elwa7eda ele ga3daa hal 7azah hehehe .
Me like me like ;$$ waayed 7lween malbos el3aafya moqdmn o halkhaam ma ynf3 model m3aah gher jackets l2naa elkhaam wayed raqee o ma y7taay elwa7d ykhrba eb model ;p
Unknown said…
el sraa7a eyanen , shkla designer piece kelish mo blockaaaat! mashallah thweqaaa daymaaan... a7s btsween feeeh shay 3ajeeeeeeeeeeb i cant wait to see the final piece !

sarah ;*
Me Blogging said…
Weee 3ad hatha shkether sawaw mina el ma3areth dararee3 7ag rmuthan il3am :) bes still ashoofa 7ilo ma malait mina
Noor said…
Leblokaaat a9laan fe chm ma7al kelaa eyeb khamaat markaat mthl el jthoor oo el munjed kelaa 3ndhum khamaat etyannen ana makhtha dolce And gabbana el red tigerprint fatheee3 ;$
Sausan said…
beautiful mashalla! cant wait for the final peice! one question adry shwy mala da5al bs i love the quality of your pictures.I hope you dont mind me asking what camera do you use ?
Anonymous said…
plz i wanna see the final result..cant wait for it ...keep it up
Anonymous said…
I got a dress out of that fabric for rmthan from glow boutique!
Sn3a said…
ma sha Allah l g63a wayed 7lwa
am gonna wait for the final piece and am sure it's gonna be SOMETHING
Anonymous said…
Mashallah marra 7low
3leek b2lf 3afya
allah y3afeek ab'3a as2lk mn ween bl'6b6 esm elm7l ?
etha jeet elkuwait enshalla in march ab'3a aroo7 m7lat agmsha zy hatha momkin tgolyly esma
any suggestion plz ;D ??
thnx a lot
elledecor said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Me Blogging said…
My camera is Canon D450

chini kheft, el final result akhaf ye6la3 kharabee6 :p

esem el ma7al Al-Nagi textiltle
tel: 22441039
Unknown said…
amazing fabric !!
We usually use like these fabric for Moroccan kaftans and Takchitas. I have many personal project too. I'll show my personal designs (for my own collection) very soon.
I Love your blog and following you.

Plz take a look at my blog and tell me your opinion.

Anonymous said…
mashallah etyanin :)

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