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Anonymous said…
Shnooo hatha ??
L.B.T said…
wow .. shklah 3ajeeb
Anonymous said…
hii .. random question .. u have any idea where i can find toms shoes here in kuwait ??
Anonymous said…
ibrah ?
Anonymous said…
anony 1 : there is an exhibition in sheraton hotel on 14-3 they will be selling toms shoes
Me Blogging said…
anonymous 1: guess

LBT: ee walla 3ajeeb

Anonymous 2: walla ma a3aref toms shoes

Anonymous 3: wee wain Ibrah :) ma 3endena shay aslan 3ashan yeseer 3endena ma7al :p
Anonymous said…
Mmmmm atwaga3 ma7al antique athath o ashia2 '3areba 7ag el bait

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