My Room

Old Room

New Room


Good lighting for photoshooting :)


Confashion said…
Manzel (ghorfa) Mubarrak :)
Aqeela Hussain said…
Heey.. Morning =)
I'm sure that will be great ;)
waiting ur final pic of ur room
ilike said…
i like
waiting for final look
u have a unique style so i think ur room will look like u .
LadyB_Q8 said…
Lovely room meme ;)
The Stig said…
Mashalla 9 doors cabinet is too much!
I have two doors only and still not using it :P
Anonymous said…
Shr7aaa sh7looohaaa mashalah ;
Anonymous said…
waiting for the end result.... 3alaich bel3afya :)
L.B.T said…
cannot wait for the opening .. bs laish u haven't change wall color !
Me Blogging said…
Confashion: mashkoora

Aqeela: ee walla im waiting too, still searching for ideas

ilike, Lady B: enshallah

The Stig: are u serious? all T-shirts???

LBT: I want plain walls for my colorful canvases
Anonymous said…
may i know min wain el barkaih??
baby phat85 said…
زين سويتي حطيتي خشب اريحلج وكا شكل وايد احلى واذرب انا غرفتي العام مسويتها و ودي اغيرها وان شاءالله قريب لانه بخاطلري تكون غرفتي شبابيه اكثر ):
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
love the flooring .. is it real hardwood?

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