كلش ما توقعت البنات بتعجبهم الحنه على شكل الدسوس في البوست القديم عن الحنه
صاحبة محل فورتشن كوكي إهي إللي مطلعه الفكرة و إنتشرت بشكل مو طبيعي
لدرجة إن صالونات الكويت كلها تسويها ألحين
شوفوا بنفسكم البوستات بالبلوقات

I totally didn't expect girls to go crazy over the Henna Gloves that I posted previously  click here 
Fortune Cookie owner started this trend and it spread like wildfire
now its being offered in salons all over Kuwait, and that all happened in only 2 weeks time
see for yourself...

هذا صالون بودوار يسويها ألحين ، إقروا باجي البوست في كونفاشن

That one is offered by The Boudoir Salon - read on confashion

و هذا بس بدينار مسويته - إقروا القصه كامله على شخبوطه كويتية

and this one is only for KD 1 - Read the full story by Shakhbo6a Kuwaitiya

و صالون تربل بالسره يسويها بعد - إضغط هنا للبوست

and this one is by Triple Salon in Surra - Read more on PinkGirlQ8

هذا طبعا غير البرودكستات إللي وصلتني و التويتس على تويتر ، شي مو طبيعي

and its not just on blogs, I even got broadcasts and tweets about this Henna Gloves, thats phenomenal


getmeLOUBOUTIN said…
my cousin tawha msawyah b3d, oho 7addah ewanis china clutch McQueen .. bs mu mal ehiboun feih =S
Anonymous said…
And this post

Danderma said…
I can't believe it either!

Personally i think it's very hailigy... who would want a dantelle glove imprinted on their hands day and night?! I wouldn't wear that glove if it became a habba let a lone draw it on my hand....
Sn3a said…
entay l reference 7g kl new habba ma sha Allah 3alaich
ana 7abbait hal habba bs ma a7b mnthr l 7enna lamma tbde tro7;<
baby phat85 said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
LOOL I bet she's happy now she inspired half kuwaiti woman.. when I first saw your post I fell in love with henna ( I use to hate it! )... BUT I'll never do it.. I prefer buying a gloves.. than feeling that am wearing it for 24/7 !!

Brilliant IDEA.. ahaneeha el 9ara7a I love ppl who have their own style...
Me Blogging said…
takhayelaw kil enas 7a6at ela ana , ma agdar, ma yenfa3 7ag dawami mjabka enas ma3a el gloves, shakli ba7i6 bel ejaza :)
Anonymous said…
Also in this blog

mimi said…
Ican't believe that YOU can't believe it ! :p

welcome to Kuwait lol

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