Friday Gathering - Outdoors

Same D&G shoes but in heels , available now at My Wardrobe Click here to order

إنضاف عضو جديد لجمعتنا - صديقة بنت خالتي
زورينا كل يمعه إذا قدرتي ، نحب إن تكونين من ضمن المجموعه

A new member to the Friday Gathering - Cousin Z's friend
Visit us every friday if you can, we love to include you in the group


mimi said…
Love love love the shadow pic loool
U should have a "fa9la" pic every Friday :D

Yala good luck with the questions "men ween this w men ween that .. Etc". ;p
Unknown said…
this outfit has got to be my fave

i didn't like the shoes+scarf thingy ...

o the girl with curly hair has some pretty cool rings :D

btw "me" where do u recommend me to shop online for the best rings? other than ASOS!

ps: id appreciate it if you reply on my blog chat box ;******

Thouqer said…
your photos are super COOL + FUN + STYLISH

thanks for sharing
Anonymous said…
i luv ur blog , its very inspiring :), but can u plz tell us what the things ur wearing are from?
thank u <3
CL said…
I'd love to know where those long black studded boots are from. :)
Anonymous said…
great and lovely i love the place can i know where that pleas?

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