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Friday Gathering - National Day

Thank you KhanfaroOsh for the tasty dessert
Khanfaroosh is a traditional Kuwaiti dessert made with of indian cardamom, persian saffron, and dutch chocolate
for orders send an email to:  
or send them an SMS to 67701052

خالتي يايبه وياها جريده فرنسية خاشتها من وقت الغزو ، يعني صار لها 20 سنه ، فيها صوره يهال كويتيين من منطقة ديفون في فرنسا . إحنا  كنا في فرنسا وقت الغزو ، عشان جذي كانت خاشة الجريدة

My aunt brought with her a French newspaper that she kept for 20 years that has a picture of Kuwaiti kids from Divonne - France at the time of the invasion of Kuwait. We were in France at that time, that is why she has the newspaper.

مرت خالي بتروح حفله بعد يمعتنا فقاعده تراوينا شنو بتلبس
After our gathering my uncle's wife is going to a party, so she was showing us what will she be wearing


Mariam said…
YES the 10 minutes of waiting is over :P

i love when you see all the Kuwaitis dressed up with the Kuwait flag 's color even if they were not gonin to massera ! its shows alot about how we LOVE our country don't you think ;) ?
LadyB_Q8 said…
Wanasaaaaaaaaaaa its sooo festive !
allah ykhaleekum 7g ba3a'6 o 3sa elafra7 dayma :*
Unknown said…
Happy national day sweetheart. Love all your outfits, I was wondering what is the brand of the Green dress (not your aunt's). Loved the fabric.
Anonymous said…
i love the velvet skirt :)
3afeesa said…
ياحلوكم وياحلو الوانكم
الله يجمعكم دايما بالخير والفرح
ويحفظ لنا الكويت
Unknown said…
Mashkoora Me Blogging and Family :) o 3laikum ib alf 3afia
3ajeeb 6ali3 ma3a il matching outfit ;) Allah edeem yam3atkum bil afra7
Zainab Sadiq said…
AWEOME! i liked the leopard print top!
Happy national day :)
Anonymous said…
الخنفروش روووعه
danu said…
nice >>> fdeet q8 :___)
Anonymous said…
ماشالله شحلوكم عجبني قلب ال٥٠ فلس بس انتو يمعتكم كل جمعه بالشاليه لان منظر البحر عجيب?والا البيت عالبحر
Anonymous said…
mashalaaaaa shakla wanasaaa :p ashkalkom 7lwaaaa <3 o e3jbatni dara3at murt khalech :p min wain ??
Abdallah said…
3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb halpost i loved the photos and the national pride illy feekom :) GmbH

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