Friday Gathering - Indoors


for all of you who asked about the boots - Read previous post
Its by a brand called Russy Valenki , 4 Boutique carry's this brand, but that was last year, don't think they still have it, call them on 24925444 and check


Noor said…
Mashalah kaal3adaa maa 3leekum gaa9r thouq ;** the best look goes for ele labsa offwhite boots ;)
Anonymous said…
Good job girls
For me the best dressed was the guy at the end becuz the weather as hot yesterday ! LoL
Anonymous said…
ماشاءالله اتشوفوووووون

الله يديم عليكم يمعتكم بالهنااا والعافيه

بغيت اسألج بليز الي لابسه بني لابسه جوتي يشوووق ماشاءالله ربط مادري شلون صار هذا من وين و وين اقدر احصله؟؟؟

والبوت الاسود الي فيه ستد من وين؟

والله يونسكم بالعااااااااافيه
L.B.T said…
nice .. bs a question :

laish ga3deen teshreboon chai eb fenyal el gahwa lol :)

DOVE1984 said…
so amazing .. love it all
Anonymous said…
loved it mashala!
bes i have a question..
what is your camera?
LadyB_Q8 said…
Loved the scarf like boots ;)
the hybrid said…
i loved the boots :).....what brand?
Anonymous said…
The gurl with the van cleef bracelet i loved her blazer where is it from ?
Anonymous said…
hii i dont know if u can tell me ;p bas 3ajabney il ring ile labseta ile besoora ile maska iphone oo bb ;p can u tell me from where plz ;p
shoosh said…
hi;awal mara ashraik ;P
b7yaty ma fakart afta7 blog bs jad ur blog khalani ag3ad 3 days @home 3shan ashofa killla min 2008 till the last post ;S:P
mashalla afkar - thog o 6ab3an friday gathering b7ad that`haaa shaaaaaay :$

la7atht cham comment ma ynrad 3alehom mn benhom also2l 3an the white blazer ana b3ad 3ajabni o wedi a3arf men wen ;)

GOODLUCK sweety ;*

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