Dress me up for work

شرايكم بالجاكيت الأبيض مع النفنوف النمر(النفنوف الفهد بالأصح، مو نمر)؟ حلو وله مو حلو؟
للتصويت ، روحوا على يمين صفحة البلوق و إختاروا إجابتكم
Vote بعدين ضغطوا على
إذا أغلبكم إعجبته التركيبه ، راح ألبسه الأسبوع الياي حق الدوام
آخر يوم للتصويت ، الجمعة الساعة 4:00

What do you think of the white jacket over a leopard dress? yes or no?
To vote, go to the right hand side of the blog and select (yes) or (no) then press Vote
If most of you like it, I'm going to wear it next week to work
voting will be closed on Friday at 4:00 PM

inspired by Rihanna


Anonymous said…
I think it would awesome with a black jacket ;)
Anonymous said…
I meant "look" awesome :p
Anonymous said…
I think black or red a7lla weya eltiger
Bs jarbeee ;) 7g dawam 7elow ;)

So2aaal plzzzz
3asa ma shar ma et7a6een posts wayeeed nafss before ?
Inshalah mako shy chayed ;**
Me Blogging said…
la ma shar :) bes wayed mashghoola bedawam o projects for Ibrah

o mashkoora for asking

and the black jacket aked 7ilo, bes gelt bajareb shay ghiar
Anonymous said…
Good luck ;*
O la et6awleeen ;)
Anonymous said…
I feel its TOO dark and TOO light
you have to chooses:

* wear a beige blazer or off-white
*or lighter leopard dress 3ala beige.
Anonymous said…
ana 3n nfsee 7beeeeth mrrrrh
7lo altjded 3odona daym
taegr & black or red
Anonymous said…
Very nice i think go ahead something new gheir different than the old trend red and tiger qadeeeem o black and tiger is the standard look ;)
D said…
It's nice but I voted no because it unprofessional to wear animal prints for work as you can wear it for dinners or friends outings instead. Too tacky for work. But again, it's only my 2 cents.
meem said…
weya aswad e9eer a7lah, jarbeih weya off white yimkin e9eer 7ilo .. bs ma a7is leopard printing yi9la7 7g dawam, a7isah 3asha, aw 6al3ah bilail .. hatha raye =)

allah tara khoush shay, tsawein vote 7g libsich edawam, etha tabein n9awit o nlabsich 7g lisbou3 kila tara ma3indy ay mushkilah =D
Anonymous said…
Ana ashofa no l2naa Hal tiger dress Kelsh mo mwalem el white jacket malich ele labsta ya3ne lo kan mshyr tashyeera thanya ya3ne tiger bs ena el tbg3 mala o drjt ellon gher chan 6l3 a7la wnshalah fhmtay el qe9a ele ktbt'ha heheh ;x
bs Ana m3a fkrt ench tlbsen shy white m3a el tiger waayed 7loo oo go kill em gurl ;*****
In the picture Rihanna looks amazing, but in ur pixies it's hard to tell .. Ww need to at least c ur trousers ... But from what I c I ink u need a lighter animal print and it will look much better :)
Anonymous said…
انا عندي حلو بس يببله اكسسوارات
متناسقه مع التايقر و الجاكيت
Anonymous said…
i love the combination , and no need for accessories coz theres enogh contrast in the outfit ,, may be just a watch and ur tennis bracelet and a simple diamond ring ,, my only objection is ,, i think its too much for work .. may be nice for ur zwara .. cheers ..
Anonymous said…
2 thumbs up .. go 4 it .. its agood diffrenet :)
Anonymous said…
بالعكس زززززززوغغغه لا اله الا الله
اللي يعجبني فيكم ستايلكم غريب ومميز وكلاس

وبليز اللي تقول فوشيا واحمر مع تايقر اقولها استريحي حده هلاقه

الابيض مع التايقر شي نيو ويهبل وينفع حق طلة النهار يعني الدوام

انا اقول يعله ملبوس العافية

Anonymous said…
i like it .. but wuts the pants color and hejab ?
noora said…
really cute :) elegant indeed!
way better than il black jacket!

bs le7jab ay lon :p wil pants? mmm, shakla
chethy dress tiger with a white blazer 7lwen ib yam3a with no 7jab lil asaf... as mom tells me inshallah bil jannah ;D
Me Blogging said…
astaghreb min ele galaw it was too much to wear tiger for work, ana tara labseta min gabel, bes ma3a long black coat, a7isa 3adi, its a stright cut mafi looya

chan zain etsawoli vote 7ag el esboo3 kila bes mako wagt asawer for you all my outfits

Delicatly: yes i think you are right i need a lighter shade yemkin, bes ma 3indi, fa i will go for this, aslan il votes shakla yes more than no :p wahagt ro7i ha?

yes for the girl who said yabeela accessories

eee walla whats the pants and hjab !!! has no idea. have to try

:) yalla bil janna
A said…
I LOVE IT ! Go Ahead with it :D White Blazer is alwasy in my closet..with animal print or a simple dirty pink top :D

7ilw shaklk *thumbs up*

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