Cleaning up

أقط مجلاتي الأفيسيل ؟ عندي من 2004

Should I throw out my Officiel magazines? they go back to 2004


meem said…
laaaa dont !!!!
etha bitg6einhum abeihum !!!
style Muse said…
yes leash tym3een el '3bar its old trends
Anonymous said…

p.s: why don't u sell them and i'll be the first to buy them all.

PiNKiSh said…
ana ma a7eb ayame3 elmajalaat , bs fashion magazines nice 2 keep specially if its old kel shay radaw 3aleeh
DoDoq8 said…
Nooo !

your ara creative and had lots of ideas make of them collage photos
SARA said…
Anonymous said…
DONT! .. Wthaa meeem ma tbehum ana abehum heheh ;p
Anonymous said…
Ana agoul wayeed banat yabonhom ;Pp
Be3ehom 3aleehom :pP
Anonymous said…
NOOO DONT !! ive been saving them too;p same with alothman's muse i saved them for no valid reason;p but i am definitely sure that the day that i need those magazines is gonna come... said…
ohh plz do not! u never know when u mite be inspired:) I use mine as decor ;p pilled over each other with home accessory on top!
L.B.T said…
no don't please its vintage
Anonymous said…
Entay laysh 3aysha ?? Oo hathol ely radeen wya wyohoom mim 9ijhoum ?? La tikfaaayn plz don't throw them tkfayn atrajach akhaf etha ga6ayteehoum y9eer shay bil dinya plz la tg6enhoum...wallah faraga o mako she'3il...khla9 ana basawi blog 3ashan as2al el nas : chees el zbala eb '3erfti entras shall i throw them or not ?

Rasi y7ikni shall i itch it or not ?
Yo3an shall i eat or not ?
Fini nooma shall i sleep or not ?

Shino il magza ya3ni ? Shifooni ana mo haylgyaa oo atab3 el fashion in 2004 ya3ni ? Magool '3ayr askhaf blog walakin lilasaf 3indy el app mal kuwait blogs wintay '3a9ban 3alay mawjooda fi...yallah allah y3ni
Anonymous said…
Ekhte me blogging entay bel nesba lelb3th shftay elzgayer shyktbon 3laa elgo6e malha enha t2de 7ag amrath elqlb wel re2aa loool keep it up o la yhmch a7dd ykhlech rbbe ;pp
سبمبوت said…
You tell me ..
I have Glamour & Marie Claire US and UK from 2008! Dont know what to do with them. W galbi ma y6awe3ney age6hom
Anonymous said…
NO, DONT, they might get you a fortune in the future :D
The Stig said…

I still have car magazines from 1992 and keep them all.

these magazines will be a treasure in 15 years from now and you will show everyone what clothing was like back then :P
Anonymous said…
me again .. Keep up the good work ;*
And about the haters its out of jealousy.

Jealousy is really a terrible disease SO i'm wishing her to get well soon ;p

Anonymous said…
عزيزتي الانسانه الراقيه و ست الذوق و الادب كله.. مي بلوقنق
لا تستغربين لما اتشوفين ناس منعدمين الذوق يهاجمونج طبعا غيره و حسد
ماقول الا اللي موعاجبه البلوق لا يدش بكل بساطه

ياحلوج و ياحلو بوستاتج انا لو اشوفج بالصج ألمج من الفرحه
و نصيحتي ان ماتقطينهم خليهم مثل قالوا و لما تملين تبطلينهم
عاد انا غرامي الفاشن بس ماعرف هالمجله .. خنشوف شسالفتها
لا يضيق خلقج و استمري

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