Cate Blanchett

To me Cate Blanchett was the best dressed actress at the Oscars
she is wearing Givenchy couture 2011


Anonymous said…
me too i love her dress, it's my favorie. However, i wonder why she is on the worst dressed list.
Anonymous said…
for me it is worst wala
Anonymous said…
i looooooooooooved reese witherspoon
AlReem said…
my favorite was definitely Halle Berry <3
Sn3a said…
mmm love/hate
i liked mila dress

surprised by sandra's
i thought she would look w a y better!
Anonymous said…
i love it!
sara said…
nafs thogee :D ana 3ajabne akthar shay dress cate blanchett o dress mila kunis labsa elie saab very nice

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