Friday Gathering - Flowers


Anonymous said…
WOOW I love your friday gatherings, and the way you take your photos I LOVE EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT YOUR BLOG!!

It's my FAVORITE!!

I want to ask I have an account on
and I took some picture of your friday gatherings for my profile is that okay with you? I took your cousin pic
meem said…
awal 9ourah STUNNING !!!
ga3da adawir ban6aroun nafs ele labsitah bs still mu m7a9lah, ana kan 3aijbny McQueen ele feih thahabi bs manazalaw mina bil kuwait wa5af a6libah o maya'6bi6 el size =(
Anonymous said…
Mashallah raw3a oo thouq
Dove84 said…
Very chic !!
Girl every time I read ur blog I feel like shopping ;)
I wish if u could write about cosmetics and perfumes as well ..

Keep up the good work and best of luck
Anonymous said…
lovely outfits bs chenkum shwaya hal marra ..
kinty in london this weekend??
mimi said…

Fe Alexaner McQueen in Kuwait ?? Where ?
Anonymous said…
7bet awl look leblack n'' white .. O belnsba 7ag ele labsa jacket 5thr eljan6aa elzrgaa khrbt el look kela mo kel mraa tathb6 salft trg3 elalwaaann ;s
Anonymous said…
McQueen available in al Ostora
mimi said…
Thanks for answering anonymous :*
Me Blogging said…
Anonymous 1:
yes its ok :) but which one?
and how is boutiques, i find it kind of crowded

madre walla min wain malha, bes ana makhtha shay yeshbaha min H&M

Ana ma a3aref 3an il cosmetics and perfumes wayed

Anonymous2 :
ee shwaya, kanat el yam3a wayed sewalif ma7ad kan la khelg yegoom, and no i wasn't in London...shayfa a7ad yeshbahni?

laa la tegoleen ...tara wayed moda esena el azrag weya el akhthar
ana 3ayal wayed 3ajebni
Anonymous said…
Ee ymkn moda as u said bs lo emdkhla lescarf mthlaan azrg aw ay shy thane azrg bellook chan 9ar a7laa l2naa eljan6a elzrga 9ayra too muchh bdal ma et7leeh khalat ellook mo thak elzood
Me Blogging said…
sa7 kalamich the scarf is too much, bes bel sewar mbayen chethe, bel 6abee3a a7la
LadyB_Q8 said…
the colors are divine!
BS halmarrah el9war shway :/, I saw your mum and sis last week
at H&M avenues b'3ait asalem bs esta7ait :P
Anonymous said…

I took one from this post first pic.. and one from the wedding post the black dress..

I loved boutiques I think it's cool.. I'm enjoying it ;)
Me Blogging said…
Anon1: aha :) ok , i will check boutiques again and see how it fits my needs

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