Vintage Colors

أختي لابسه عقد من تصميم بي ديزاين
البوستات القديمة لبي ديزاين

My sister wearing a necklace by BE Design
BE Design previous posts


Anonymous said…
wanasa shlon sawartay chithi as vintage what mode??
lady jow said…
yshaweeeeggg me likee;)
chatterbox said…
wanasa great necklace and great shot mashallah
Anonymous said…
I love it!
al 8amee9 mn wain?
Rannouf said…
love Be Design necklaces ,, i have the same design taqreeban! and "B" is soo sweet ;* love the vintage pic ;)
Me Blogging said…
i took a regular picture and used a site called to add an effect, the effect was called (color vintage)

el dress from Zara

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