Today is Mum's Birthday

Thank you aunti for the cake
November Bakery


Anonymous said…
Kil 3am o elmam b5eir :)
Allah y5leeha lekom o y5leekom lha
Ma sha2 allah wayed nice elcake
Anonymous said…
Hope you enjoyed the cake! i saw it in the bakery before it went out and loved the colour combination! good job :) send our regards to your lovely mother and many more years to come inshala!

November and Co.
Sn3a said…
كل عام والماما بخير
ربي يخليها لكم

الكيكه حتى لونها ذوق ماشاءالله
نوفمبر اينن
عليكم بالعافيه
Anonymous said…
كل عام و الماما بخير.. مشاالله عليكم.. حتي الكيكه ذووق في ذووق..حتي الاشياء البسيطه فيها ذوق....

من فضلك.. ابي اعرف شنو الكاميرا اللي تستخدمينها.. اذا ممكن تكتبين بوست عن الكاميرات

شكرا :**
Nour said…
Kil 3am o Ehya eb khair ;D
Anonymous said…
happy birthday to our mamma,
but NOVEMBER hall 7arameya I don't like them
mo kafo elwa7ed eshaje3hum
had a VERY VERY VERY bad experience with them and I'll never forgive them for what the did ( or bel as7 didn't do) o fog keel hatha costumer service is ezbala (emkaram esame3) to say the least.
try A LITTLE SUGAR amazing home based business
u can find her on face book
Anonymous said…
To anonymous above me :
واي الله يعينج ..عفية قولي شنو صار لاني
ناوية اني اتعامل معاهم حق ملجة اختي!!
بس ما ادري كانه يمدحون شغلهم.. و اللي دايما اشوفة في البلق مالهم كله شغل حلو و مرتب!!!
mimi said…
Happy birthday to the stylish mama

Did the cake taste good ? ;)
Me Blogging said…
Thank you all.... My camera is canon D450 , bees aham Shay el lighting . titan law camertich 3adeeya

And oooohhh poor anonymous eke ekhtarab el 3irs
3ad I lilac their work so much and my mum checks their blog all the time for updates
Hope said…
Happy B-Day to her
Allah y5aleeha lkom
Anonymous said…
for the anonymous who wants my story about november.... please give ur email to meblogging and I'll email u what happened to me
that is if u want :)
or we cann keep it @ DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM
wayed fee nass a7san minhum o mu3amalat-hum a7san o arkhas:) shaifeen 3umrhum 3al fathi
o hathi nesee7a la-allah

anonymous with bad experience
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday MeMe Mom ;)
Kil 3am wil mama b5air ;)
3asa 3umrha 6iweel enshAllah
The Stig said…
Happy bithday to your mom, Allah ekhaleha lemon enshalla :)

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