I'm in Dubai

 لاحظت إني مو مصوره  شي ، كنا مشغولين بالتسوق، الكرووز و الصيفي نزل عندهم .
 كان وناسه لقينا وايد أشياء كنا شايفينها بالمجلة

I have noticed that I didn't take a lot of pictures , we were busy shopping
all the cruise and summer collection is out now, so it was fun finding most of the stuff we saw in magazines


Shimo said…
Aakh ya Dubai a7bhaa o ma amel mnha .. 3aleekom bel3afya have fun there 
The Stig said…
Cool pics so far, but keep taking more, Dubai is a good place for taking pictures.

Enjoy it!

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