At Sauce Boutique - Dubai
taken by cousin Z

Comments said…
Hi there Me Blogging, These are coming to very sooooooon :)
Her said…
Aww how nice :p loved the idea
Anonymous said…
cuuuuuute :D 7adddha 3ajeeba
Gris Boutique said…
Now available at Gris boutique! Tweet us at x comes in red or blue

email us at for more info
Anonymous said…
love these, how much a pop?
Me Blogging said…
panacheous: wow great to know

ma adre wallah ebcham

panacheous, price please :) ?

Gris Boutique where are you located? said…
HI there,
We are getting two labels, the one featured here: Taipi is around 30KD, the other by Thu Fri inc are for 15 KD:)
coming very soon:) we are excited!

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