Going Vintage

إختي ويه رفيجتها قرروا إن كل يوم و لمدة أسبوع إن يشيلون جنطة قديمة كانت عندهم ، و سموه أسبوع الفينتج
في الصوره جنطة ديور سنه 2000 أو 2002

My sister and her friend decided to come to work everyday for a whole week with an old bag they used to carry, they called it Vintage Week
in picture: Dior bag, year 2000 or 2002


Anonymous said…
3ajeeba elidea
Mariam said…
love the idea ! i do the same thing with my mom's old bags from college :P
and if there something they don't wanna wear again they can donated it !that would be cool 2 ^^
noora said…
mashallah il purse doesn't look that vintage, it looks brand new!
she should take very good care of it, this is one piece to keep :)
Anonymous said…
Vintage is only considered from the 20s-80s so it's not really vintage...
DoDoq8 said…
e good idea wla y'9lon bel kbt
Me Blogging said…
Feel Free: cool

Noora: laa wain, esha3ar 6aye7 if you noticed

Anonymous2: yes you are right, but they are just making fun of the vintage trend :)
noora said…
didnt notice that @@ now that youve mentioned it! ee wallah!! bs still its in a good shape
looks good :)
Noon said…
still looking pretty!

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