A Gift from JF Scarves

مشكورة جي أف سكارفز على الهدية الحلوه ، مت من الضحك لما قريت  إنج بتحاولين تقنعيني ألبس لفات قطن ، الأسبوع إللي طاف جربت وحدة ، والله كانت مريحة ، بس يبيلها تعود

Ohh thank you JF Scarves for the lovely gift, I laughed out loud when I read " One thing I couldn't resist was to try to convert you to cotton scarves"
Last week I tried one and it felt good but I need time to get used to it.

you could also find them at 52 Degrees store - موجودين في محل 52 دجريز


JF Scarves said…
Glad you liked them and hope to see them coming up in ur Friday Gathering posts ... Now THAT will really make me happy.

Thanks a lot for the post and your support, I really appreciate it :)
what's so cool about it ena her pen color is exactly the same as the plastic bag :D love the color, and 3leech el 3fya :D
7aneen said…
these scarves r the best - and im not even met7ajba ! ;P I went with my friend when she was buying and i tried them on too,, my friend absolutely loves them,, wayyyyyyed na3meen + very in.

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