Friday Gathering - Part 2

Pictures taken by cousin Abody, thank you



The End


Anonymous said…
Beautiful as always

ماشاءالله لا اله الا الله

Keep going :*
Anonymous said…
I loved the look that had the green herems bag mashallah!
Anonymous said…
Me2 the look with green Hermes bag is perfect
Pretty wedges jacket and mixing colors Mashallah

Anonymous said…
mashallah 3alaikum kash5ah, china 3eed ;p
Anonymous said…
is the tiger girl the same as the chanel girl in last week's post..she so smart how she uses Zara stuff ..everything she wears turns into gold

luv the post
Aqeela Hussain said…
Ma sha Allah..
Always beautiful sis
mimi said…
Good job u guys

El7mdela so far mako estejwaab about where u bought ur outfits from lol

Cant wait for next Friday ;)
Anonymous said…
Meme the girl with the herems! mn wain her dress? iyanin
style Muse said…
Hi me blogging, I know you said you can't say from where! bes I have to know from where el dara3a/dress with elephants and black leather trim RAW3A mashalla!!
Me Blogging said…
The chanel girl is not the tiger girl , o bedon zara ma dare shino nalbes

The multi color dress madare min wain

The dra3a I think she made it her self, the elephant is from silan :)
DoDoq8 said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
DoDoq8 said…
الصوره الي بالنقازيات ذكرتني بصوره مصورتها لليهال وايد احبها

sara said…
a7la look elle labsa hermes o louboutin boot eyaneen mashallah
Anonymous said…
لوووول اول شي خوش بروفايل .. الله يعطيج العافيه

بس كاسرين خاطري الي تصورينهم امشيتهم ويسون حركات للتصوير صراحه

keep going :)
Sn3a said…
ماشاءالله عليكم
عسى ما اخترب سكارفج عقب ماطاح بالنقازيه:p
Amal Kh said…

and the end funny :P
Anonymous said…
LoooL aby Friday gathering post without questions

5ala9 ana aby as2al eshme3na el kel yes2al ?!?!?

el outfit mal 3aboodi 7ada 3ajeeb .. aksha5 waa7ed feekom lol
men weeeen ? :D

just kidding ;p bs wallah he's so adorable esmeela 3aleh y3aref ye9awer ba3ad :)
chatterbox said…
wow the best Friday gathering mashallah :)
Anonymous said…
بصراحه ماشاءالله تشوفوووون

بس بغيت اسألج الي لابسه إرمس الصغيره الخضرا اقدر أعرف شنو اسمها بالضبط و أي حجم؟
ونفس البنت الي لابسه الجنطه البوت مالها وايد حلو أقدر أعرف شنو

ومشكوووووووووووووووره :)))
Anonymous said…
Hi I love your style its gorgeous. I also love the blazer of the girl with the green Hermes and color dress. Where did she get it from?
Anonymous said…
"mashallah 3alaikum kash5ah, china 3eed ;p"

LOL exactly what i was thinking, wanasa mashallah mashallah aby nagaziya ib our zwara haha:P Our zwaras are so boring, sometimes i fake being sick just to not go:P
Anonymous said…
The vert bengale Kelly Danse is soooo cuute!!

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