Flip - In Dubai

شريت كاميرة الفيديو فلب
أقولكم بعدين عن جودة التصوير ، ما شفتهم بعد

Bought a Flip - Vedio Camera
will share with you the quality of the video clips, didn't see it yet


AMA Traveler said…
3leech bl3afia dear ;) awal mrrah asm3 3nha ! please update us with the photos :) enjoy
AMA Traveler said…
Ambeh just noticed ! I was amazed by the size that I thought it was not a video camera :P LOOL then please show us a video ;)to check the quality
Anonymous said…
انا من زمان ابي اطلبها ... بس مترددة
ناطرين بلوق عن جودة التصوير علي احر من الجمر
النوري said…
i have it 2 years ago :P
3alich bel3afya:P
360Dewan said…
Allah ya36ech khairha ao yakfech sharha .. i think many current smart phones would do the job, many of them come with great HD 720p, yet looking forward for your review post :)
Anonymous said…
Heyy How are you?
I hope you are having fun in Dubai.
Where did you get the camera from?
Anonymous said…
شلون تصوريها حلو ؟
و من وين شريتيها ؟

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