Extreme Sport Soft Opening

Yesterday I went to the soft opening of Extreme Sports store in Al-Tilal in Shuwaikh, it’s a specialized store for bicycles and sports equipments, it was amazing, not that I know anything about bikes and stuff, but it was wonderful to see how passionately the owners talk about their store and the things that it carries.

The funny thing is, while Abdulatif my tour guide was showing me around the place and explaining every single thing to me, he passes by a bicycle and stares at it and says to me: doesn’t it look remarkable?
Me: remarkable? What’s the difference between this bike and that one (pointing to another one behind us)
Abdulatif: this is a CHROME bike, there is a big difference

Ohhh my god, those people sees things that I can’t see, now I know what guys mean when they asks us (girls) “what’s the big fuss about shoes and bags”  ohhhh my god its the same thing

This is the 3 Club, where people get trained for the Triathlon

The Test Area is the best thing in there
For someone like me, who knows nothing about sports and cycling, this will help me alot in chosing the best bicycle, not to short, not ot long, it will be perfect just for me.

Have you ever heard of a bicycle wash? No? well now you know

Something for the girls

If you need to know more about Extreme Sports visit their web site click here


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