Boutique Windows in Dubai


Anonymous said…
Check hermes dubai mall giant kelly bag in their window
Anonymous said…
ahh remind me of me poor me conducting window shopping in Bond street
poor me ahhh no money no dior,no chanel,no hermes no nothing loooooooooooool
sweety Iwould love to email you few pics of last Xmas to post for the gals is that ok ?
mrasltkom fee lndn maskah her pocket
Su3ad 7usne! said…
Ahhhh! I love Dubai! <3
~Amna said…
7ayyach fe darich,
7ayyach fe Dbai <3
Me Blogging said…
Anonymous: yah saw that, but my pictures didn't look good, the dior reflection was on the window of hermes

Amna: allah y7ayeech :)
Anonymous said…
Awwwwwww Me blogging ur just boost my enthusiasm very high ! am going to Dubai Next week and am soo excited !! w really looking forward for all ur posts in Dubai, what do u recommend to go ? where to shop ? w kil shy ! Waitting for ya ;) it looks amazing ;)

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