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Bored at work

This is what I do when I'm bored at work
take pictures of myself :)


Anonymous said…
Are you sure this shot was taken in the office? You look too sparkly!

Try on more professional outfits and keep the sparkles for malls.

Dont get upset. Just an advice

sugar lolita said…
wayed 7beet el necklace is it marni ???
Anonymous said…
وناسة دوامكم ماشالله يفتح النفس
والجنطة تونس عليج بالعافية
Manoor said…
mashallah amazing outfit! :D

what brand is your watch? mashallah etyanen :D
Discovered the blog yesterday! Love it!
Me Blogging said…
Overdressed: thank you

alnouri: ofcourse, mako a7ad ysawerni

Yara: tara el jan6a el sparkly mo ana, bes 7itan law, thegat khelg mako a7ad ybadel o yalbes, fa awanes nafse belebs

sugar lolita: la min ma3rath
Handmade embellishments

phone: 60069091

Anonymous: tara mako ela ana, el baji kila reyayeel fa mo wanasa

Manoor: my watch is by Hermes

Fernanda: glad you liked it :)
dboss said…
my sister has the exact same bag!

love it!
Fernanda said…
yes I do! if you have the time take a lot at my blog. I post mainly about Brazilian and European designs (and books/movies/ etc). I've discovered lots of good stuff here. Keep up the great work! Xoxo, Fernanda
Anonymous said…
Price tag of the necklace plz!
Anonymous said…
LOVE the bag!! mashallaah..
what is it??

Me Blogging said…
I think the necklace is 20 KD or 30

and the bag is by a Lebanese Brand called Sara's bag GmbH

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