وااااا فشلتاه من ماجلة

وااااا فشلتاه من ماجلة ، بدال لا أحط التوصيل الساعة 5  العصر حطيت 5 الفير ، وااااي قلبي يعورني ، الريال طالع من الفير يوصل اغراض الجمعية ، أحس بالذنب ، ومنو إللي إستلم ؟؟؟ أبوي و هو طالع يصلي الفير ، بيقتلني ، أتمنى كان واصل 6:00 ، لأن شفت مس يو بتلفوني على الساعة 5:51 و أقول منو هذا إللي داق ، آآآآه يا قلبي

و لاه امس أفكر مع إختي :  شرايج يوصلهم 3 العصر عشان أكون توني راده البيت أشوف الأغراض لما يوصلون ؟ يااااااا سلام



OMG, I'm sooooo embarrassed from Maachla, instead of choosing time of delivery 5:00 PM, I chose 5:00 AM; I feel guilty letting the delivery man out at this hour. And you know who received the stuff? My dad L when he was out to pray in the mosque, I want to cry, I hope it was 6:00 am at the time, coz I saw a (miss you call) at 5:51 AM

Huh and I was wondering who could that be?

MY GOD … and yesterday I was discussing the time of delivery with my sister saying: what do you think of 3:00 PM? I want to see the stuff when they arrive? Now that would be a DISASTER.


I'm a Traveler said…
e wallah allah yl fashla ! bs its ok dear such things happen :)
DoDoq8 said…
loool ehma makan ydron mno hathe bs now draw :p

3ade ehma ma 76aw hal w8t ela enhom mst3den yw9lon ;)
mimi said…
At least this shows their good delivery service
Bs 9ej fashla lool
chatterbox said…
loool ta'aneeb al'9ameer :p
hehehe :) its ok this is the second time we face this proplem within 2 months , we will be upset if
we did not show between 5am-6am
its our duty - thank you for choosing

we need your view now is it hard to difference between am and pm in our website ? please let us know if you have an idea so that we can
fix it.

Thanks again for choosing maachla

Regards, Team
meem said… team :
if you use 24 hrs system if will be sooo much better,
i meant by 24 hrs system an' esa3a 13 as in wa7da e'6ihir, o 18 as in 6 el ma'3arb, and so on .. matwaqa3 fe clients ra7 ewajhon 9u3obah. =)
Me Blogging said…

I was thinking maybe the PM time would be first then comes the AM time
and if someone selects the AM time, a warning note comes out in a window to inform the buyer that he/she has selected a morning dilevery AM kobr wayehna :) 3ashan neshoof
L.B.T said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
L.B.T said…
ma 3laih 3adi tara i think feeh shifts fa dont worry :)

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