مو فاهمة أغلب بوستاته
بس شفت البلوق كله أمس
شوفوا بلوق عبدالله بالجافله إضغط هنا
 أظن إنه أخو هند

I didn't understand most of his posts
but I went through the whole blog yesterday
check out Abdullah Beljafla Blog Click here
I think he is Hind's brother


النوري said…
he is her broher didnt get his posts too bas eywanis his blog:P
Me Blogging said…
ee shiftem sij eywanes
Anonymous said…
Ana el9ar7a im dying to know- so that little girl is his daugther? (who is the most adorbale thign in the world!! mashallah )and his wife is asian? wela hathy mu murta? lana the little girl doesnt look half asian.

Im dying to email and ask him bs 9ij blaghat shaf a7s bgoli intay shako! :s
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
Dear all ,
I'm glad that my cozen grabbed your attention ,he is an amazing writer and photographer , he is not yet married as you all can see that he is still young ! , the little baby is my sister and he is obsessed with her.

Happy to satisfy your curiosity.

Thank you

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