Beljafla answers your questions

تذكرون البوست إللي كتبته قبل أسبوعين عن عبدالله بالجافلة ؟ إضغط هنا
حق الناس إللي كانت تتسأل شنو سالفت البلوق ؟ ضغطوا هني عشان تقرون الجواب
شكرا عبدالله على وقتك في الرد علينا

Remember the post I wrote about Beljafla 2 weeks ago? click here
Well people, for those who were wondering what the blog is all about, click here to get your answers
Thank you Abdullah for taking the time to answer us :)


Mariam said…
i loved the part where he said " I would like to assure you that I too don't know what the heck my blog is about " it made me LOLed xD

and i think your Friday's posts what make your readers really connect with you and i really LOVE that about you the part where you share your privet family moment with us ^^
Anonymous said…
loved his blog he's awesome and meblogging is the best ;*

GH said…
I loved the idea if his blog and all the randomness tho I never quite got his posts so I just make up something trying to explain the photos and how theyre related to him!

Thanks to his clarification tkharbi6at l7isba:/ Aannnnnddd rozah isn't his daughter :( which makes the majority of my stories wrong:p
Anonymous said…
So who is Rozah !!!!!! :)

i like his plog i think he is trying to writing his diary and explaining his life through pictures may the readers didnt understand his blog but at least he hum self understanding his life and how its going :)
tnx to him and tnx to you

we are sharing our thoughts through your blog we seem close to you even we dont know you and that whats make us family and this is simply kuwaiti people are
care and love each other even if we are against each other :)

come back soon
and take care sweety
النوري said…
eee loooool i did email him and answered all my questions how sweet
meem said…
i still dont get it !!!!

eeh wallah 3ayal minu Rozah ? wele you know what, mu shi'3li ;p

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