Bala7 Al-Sham

ألذ بلح الشام بالعالم
و حطوا في بالكم إن أنا ما يعجبني العجب و تكمل أختى و تقول و لا الصيام في رجب
للطلب تلفون : 94478623
Lono's Kitchen

The most delicious Balah Al-Sham in the world
for orders call 94478623
Lono's Kitchen


Anonymous said…
اللي بالقادسيه؟

اذا اهوا صج صج عجيب تاكلين كل الصحن عادي

:P .
Anonymous said…
Can i have your email please?
Katkoota xD said…
بالعافية يارب

شكلهم يشوقوون
Anonymous said…
:)عليج بالعافية

عاد انا احب بلح الشام

انزين ممكن تفاصيل اكثر .. يعني اهو بالكيلو والا شنو؟ وبجم؟

Anonymous said…
yummmmee looks delicious !
Anonymous said…
i used to love ur blog so much, lately, you are only being, how do i say thing delicately without getting sued, hmmm, well, i am not gonna say it

visit this blog

or this maybe

try to learn something :)

i hope you go back on posting like old times :) i hate to stop coming here ^_^

have a great day
Anonymous said…
hmm am not fond of dough mixed with oil n' topped with sugar bs 3aleekom bl3afya :P

well as for the anonymose above me
iguess its not allowed to critisize here you
must come n' say woooooow weeeeeeeeee looooooool
other wise youll see other anonymous asking u to shut up looooooooooooooooooool
asking for freedom of speech :P
Me Blogging said…
Wallace ma dare wain mokanhom

My email is

Madre Ethan bel kilo weka shino, mart 3ami yaybeta Lina

Anonymous who used to love my blog:
Laaaaa, walla Ana 7asa ena taghayar shway , can you please tell me what posts you thought ghair, or you didn't like. And yes I know these blogs you provided , but they are fashion bloggers as for me I write about everything
And don't worry , you won't get sued :)

Marasilatkkom, you have the freedom of speech
Anonymous said…
shaklaa 3ajeeb ba6loba 7g bacher. e6alabiya lazim gabilhaa ebyoom o el 6abaq li9qeer esheel kilo eb 5kd, elwa9a6 eb 7kd o likbeer eb 10kd. o ee ma3indohom home delivery o bait`hom eb kaifan :)

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