Had lots of fun with my friends


Fajer said…
wow mashala , looks like november is the wedding planner.
any idea where the lady in the second pic got her redish dress from ?
mashala i love the details.
Sn3a said…
alf mbrook
ma sha Allah akeed l 3rs mbayyen raqee methlkom ma sha Allah

3alaikom bel 3afya

side not:
i feel that every thing u touch turned to fashion item whatever it is eb 9ara7a
mimi said…
Love the nail polish
Shaikha said…
loved dessert tray , men ween
Me Blogging said…
Don't know which brand but I know its from net-a-prter online store


shaikha: madre, hal teyey ma3a WOW aw bro7ha!!
mashallah elegant wedding i like everything :) can i know from where the food tray...cuz i have my bother wedding and im searching for this things...thanks mimi :*
Me Blogging said…
I don't know but the tray says (WOW) so i think its from WOW catering
Me Blogging said…
La7tha absolutely inspiring you are from UAE?

ohhh I don;t know where you can find them in UAE, are you here in Kuwait and looking for stuff for the wedding?
thanks mimi for replaying...yes im from UAE and i wish visit kuwait one day
mimi ;) i checked their site (wow catering )they have branch in dubai...:) thanks alot...BTW i lo0o0ve your blog mashallah 3lich creative and updated

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