Trying Out Some Coats

At Zara Al-Kout


Anonymous said…
I loooooove your Vivienne Westwood shoes & liked the Mustard coat :D
Anonymous said…
i love your shoes mashalllla
marra 7low mnn ween ?
esTeKaNa said…
ما شاء الله تبارك الرحمن
تزينينه ولا يزينج
كل شي تلبسينه او كل صورة تحطينها حلوة
جدا استمتع بالمرور بمدونتج
الله يحفظج ويزيدج جمال واناقه
Sn3a said…
lel2asaaf mako shta;(
ana 3ndy jackets ma lbst'hm mn sntain
Me Blogging said…
The shoes is by Malissa

Mashkoora :)

sajah, ana khathait awal wa7id ele besora
Anonymous said…
nice shoes :) o kilich thoq allah ya7fethech :*
Anonymous said…
elshoes mn london
mellisa plastic shoes idont like them !lol sorry but ilike to express my self
but for those who are so in love with plastic !am not am green can find it in Topshop london fee Oxford street fee elshoes corner in the basement.

mrasltkom is currently in kuwait
Unknown said…
I loved the first coat and the last coat I got one as well a week ago
bs f6eeeeees mako sheta :(

Melissa shoes are available at Lime Light and Aishti Avenues ;)

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