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The Triangle Cake

Finally the recipe of the triangle cake that a lot of readers asked for

• 16 pieces Kiri cheese

• 1 packet square biscuit (Leibniz)

• 3/4 cup sugar

• 1/4 tea spoon vanilla

• 2 Oz butter (50 to 55 grams) softened, mix together cheese, sugar, vanilla, butter until smooth and creamy

Arrange biscuit in a straight line, add little of the mixture, put another layer of biscuit, then add the remaining mixture on top of the second layer.

Try to mold in the shape of a pyramid, then place 2 biscuit (left and right) to form a triangular shape

Cover with chocolate icing

Ingredient of chocolate icing:

• 100 grams butter

• 1/2 cup cocoa powder - unsweetened

• 1/2 tin of sweetened condense milk

Now melt the butter on low fire , mix cocoa powder and milk, stir very quickly and remove from fire


Anonymous said…
how could u eat that 'n still be skinny
butter this and butter that
(mashallah-tuf tuf tuff) :)
Joy said…
then in the fridge ??
Anonymous said…
Il chocolate sauce 33de taktbena bel 3arbe lana mafahmta w men ay marka naa5th hum
noora said…
thanx alot ;** ma qasartay o keep up the lovely work
MiMi said…
thank u for the recipe .. i really love this sweet ;)

but i wanna ask u about ( 1/2 tin of sweetened condense milk )
what do u mean by tin?

and do i have to put it in the fridge before i put the chocolate sauce?
Anonymous said…
she means basically half of the weetened condense milk i think
Lulu said…
Thank u for sharing the recipe :)
hope u can share more n more recipesss
shaikha said…
3ajeebaaaaah emjrbthaaaaaa ;)
M said…
ouch, that's a lot of calories! but looks yummy :P
mimi said…
Omg ! People actually look at it as "too much calories" wla ta3leeq ele "u eat this and still skinny" OMG !

Fe people actually yefakron this way when they read ur recipe ?? @@

El7mdela ya rabi i eat becuz i love to eat and never worry about my weight el7mdela el7mdela .. A7es if i think the way those people do I WILL get fat !
Anonymous said…
hello, thanx for the recipe, ams swait-ha bs the filling kan shwaya based on elmaqadeer ely katbat-hom, ena maykafy 7g el cake, 7awalt asawee nafs ur picture bs ma9ar, so i added more cheese, and the chocolate top el icieing lama swaita mithel matgooleen 9ar thick and m7abeb not smooth...can you tell me min wain you got the recipe? is it from a book or website?
Me Blogging said…
Anonymous: ni3ma min allah

Joy: yes

yes it it

anonymous: markat nastle

noora: thank you

MiMi: el 3ilba el 7adeed ele feha el 7aleeb mal nestle

3ad hatha ma adre, bes ma athen

Lulu: ma athen, ma a3aref asawe shay, walla a7ib akteb 3an recipes

shaikha: bel 3afya

M: :)

mimi: ba3ad lazim el wa7ed yfaker fe wazna

Anonymous: ma adre wain, 3a6oni el reciepe maktoba fa ma adre min wain akeed kitab gadeem
aw a7ad gayelena 3anha, asa'l omi ma adre
MiMi said…
hii Dear
i've tried this recipe but it was so bad
i think there is something missing from the ingredients(specially the white mixture). so could u please check the original recipe or ask who did it because it looks so delicious ;)
thnx and sorry for disturbing u
Noon said…
I'm so in love with your blog!!
The Friday Gathering is exotic.. very original idea and am lovin it!
The party planning and arranging is awesome.. Utter neatness!
and ur photos are gRREAt! :-)
I've still got more posts to check.. GmbH

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