The Last Friday Gathering in 2010

أمي تبيكم تقولون من وين هذا الجاكيت
ملاحظة: البروشات يايين مع نفنوف من ديشتي كايك شاريته من قبل
بعض القراء عرفوا الجاكيت من وين ، أتش أند أم صح

Mum wants you to guess from where is this jacket?
Note: The brouches came with a dress from Dice Kayek
Update: Some of you readers got it reight, the jacket is from H&M

أخي العزيز لابس نفسي :)
My dear Brother, wearing a similar shirt

مارشميلو ، شكله صابون
تلفون: 24894044 ، في بيت من العارضية
أننا ما عجبني ، وايد لين
Marshmallow , looks like soap
Tel: 24894044 house in Ardhiya
I didn't like it, it was too soft


someone said…
ee wallah nice jacket,, mn wan? :)
Marwa said…
shayfa same kind of the steel flower 3ala nice shoe from BCBG.. atwaqa3 eljacket also BCBG, but not sure 100% :)
sugar lolita said…
i think mmmmm its marni
my second guess is moschino
meem said…
el jacket 7adah tikanah mashallah !
bs ana abi a3arif el brooch min wain =D ?!?!!?!?

ps: a7ib your blog, BIG FAN
Anonymous said…
the jacket is from h&m :)
Anonymous said…
حبيبتي انا مالي شغل بالجاكيت
بس المارشملوو ايشوق من وين
Anonymous said…
Hii,,, the marshmallo plzzzzzzzzzz???
Anonymous said…
Jil Sander
Paul Ka

sara said…
nice as always

heheh el jacket men H&M last week shayfa nafsa bs beige
yellow group said…
the jacket from H&M ...
Anonymous said…
happy new year o kl 3am o intaw eb7air..
Me Blogging said…
6aaaaali3 @@
walla shi6ar
sa7 el Jacket min H&M
o yes there is another color, dirty pink

and regarding the marshmellow, i have to ask, ma adre min wain

meem: thank you for following us
Anonymous said…
Cousin Z is super stylish!

Where's her outfit from? Especially the boots!
Me Blogging said…
:) hathe mo cousin Z, this is B, mort khali
Anonymous said…
then PLEASE where is her outfit from?

She is super stylish too!

bring on the photos
Me Blogging said…
I don;t know where is her outfit from but I know that her boots are available at shoe box
Anonymous said…
From where is the leather bag I think its a snake leather
I need Ur help from where ?!
Anonymous said…
مشالله تبارك الرحمن الماما اتهبل جنها وحده منكم الله يحفظهاو يخليها لكم وانتوا ناس راقين صراحه حتى لما تلبسون لبس عادي يطلع عليكم كشخه
الله يحفظكم من العين
و تصويرج عجييب
Anonymous said…
جنطتج حلوه ماشاء الله
من وين ؟
Anonymous said…
I love your gloves!! From where did you get them?
ps; great blog, a lot of stylish clothes! Keep up the great work;p

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