A Gift from Lam

كان شعور وايد حلو لما وصلتني هدية من لام ماركة الملابس الكويتية
It was so exciting to recieve a gift from Lam the Kuwaiti clothing brand

تفاجأت لما شفت 3 أشياء داخل الكيس مو واحد
طلع يايبيلي كلونيا ، بخور و جمب سووت

I was surprised to find 3 items inside the bag not just one
an Arabic perfume, an incense and a Jumpsuite

وايد حبيتها
أنا ما عندي من قبل ، فهذي تعتبر اول وحده لي و الغريبه إن قدي بالضبط
شكرا لام على الهدية

I loved it
I don't own one, so that is my first that fits me perfectly well
thank you lam for the gift

هذي الجمب سووت مالتي لابستها العارضة
و الصور إللي تحت ، مختاراتي المفضلة من مجموعة لام

This is my jumpsuite the model wearing
and below are some of my favorite Lam designs

لام موجودين في بوب أب المحل بـ 360 موول و في كاريزما غللي يم مستشفى الأميري في محل إسمة سييكرت كلوزت
تلفونهم: 9982955
فيس بووك: إضغط هنا


You could find Lam's latest collection at Pop Up store at 360 mall and also in My Sectret Closet at Karizma facing Amiri Hospital

Contact ifo.:
Tel:  99829555
email:  design.lam@hotmail.com 
facebook: Link


Unknown said…
v,ui ugd[ fhguhtdm
Sn3a said…
وايد حلوه الهديه
Anonymous said…
I love the designs specially the black dress! Soo simple and classy
خوش هديه ماشاءالله..

بالعافيه يارب..
Sarah said…
The black dress looks so classy, love it..and the jumpsuit as well certainly worth checking out! How does the perfume smell? and the bukhoor?
Anonymous said…
very interesting nice collection thanks for showing us
Bint ilKuwait said…
niiiiiiiiice me love,, 3alaich bil3afya sweetiii:D
Anonymous said…
btw, the classy cute black dress is a copy of the original American Retro dee dress( a french brand shop located in salhia complex m2). shame on lam,local designers or copiers
Anonymous said…
Design is not about buying a dress from salhia and getting it copied at the indian's tailor. I bought this black cute dress, the original one of course, from American retro, but apparently the Indian tailor could not copy the shoulders properly!
Anonymous said…
Khoosh collection brovo 3alaakum.

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