Friday Gathering


Yummmmmmy KFC
Today, I didn't get a chance to take good pictures of our gathering
after lunch we sat for 2 hours watching yesterday's TV show (Taw Elail ) it was about Domonic possession over humans,I really liked it, it was like a debate,can demons really possess people or not?
click here this is the only video I found on youtube

اليوم كلش ما صورت صور سنعه باليمعه، بعد الغداء
كلنا جابلنا التلفزيون و قعدنا ساعتين تقريبا نطالع برنامج (تو الليل) إعادة  ، كان عن تلبس الجن للإنسان
وايد عجبتني الحلقة، هل يستطيع الجن تلبس الإنسان؟ أم لا؟
إضغط هنا ، هذا الفيديو الوحيد إللي لقيته في يوتيوب


Anonymous said…

Thank u sweetie
Anonymous said…
Thanks! Nice pics :)
I know u said not to ask who's wearing what and from where, but that scar belt got my attention and I wish to have one.

Any help? :)
Thanks again.
Anonymous said…
kel shy nice bs am confused ya banat ekuwait
its hot hot hot why wearing boots
n' welli boots is for snow ..rain ..for anything but not kwts' sun ahhhh
dash elboot eb my nerv fee hl hot weather aweeeeeleeeeeeee its not cool in this hot weather ..
wela ellee fee elmolat labseen UGGS sej its freaking hot o intaw tetfalsfon feeh !!

mrasltkom 7arana fee kwt o naked +barefooted ;)
The Stig said…
I might have said this before, but I loge going through these posts not because I am gay.

I have no understanding of fashion at all..
But this is what I call a night quality post. A blooded who tok the effort to come up with something not copied from another blog or from BBM.

Keep it up girl.
chocolate said…
mashalaa shakelkm eshaweg ;) wala nice pictures
Sn3a said…
Ma sha Allah
U combine and blend things that we do not dare enough to try!
And it becomes WOW!
Love the belt!
sugar lolita said…
beautiful :)
bs nby more more photos
Anonymous said…
where is the scarf belt from? is it hermes? i love it! i want one!
sara said…
nice mashallh , love the scarf belt eyaneen
Sarona said…
Love your Friday gathering posts, keep it up.

I was gonna write the same thing 2nd Anonymous wrote; could you please just tell us where that scarf belt is from?

DoDoq8 said…
ماشاءالله حبيت حزام الي لابسه فلات تايقر

وتب كنتاكي بطل البوست هلاسبوع

noora said…
yaboooi KFC ;** sa7teen ppl
my little sister has that scarf belt, from massimo dutti
mashalla as usual u all look gr8
النوري said…
kfc !! thats new :p

i have same same flat tiger 3ash zaarrraaaa
Hijabs and Co said…
love the first look mashallah ^.^
Anonymous said…
awww i have the military jacket and the scarf belt :p
u inspired me cz madry shno albis m3a iljacket :p
Anonymous said…
The SCARF Belt From UTERQUE ;) I saw it yesterday ;) also the brown flat boot from there :) on sale :D and the first pic I got the same jacket ;) girls luv ur style specially for who wearing hejab
Unknown said…
sara7a wayed ya3jebni your blog ewanes keep up the good work :)
Unknown said…
by the way am om a7mad my i kept my mail 3ala esim my son
AKF said…
An A Wang bag and studded loubs? I'm drooling!

What camera do you use? I'm looking into buying a camera and need advise!
Anonymous said…
i loved the studded shoes, can i ask from where she bought it ?

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