Friday Gathering

هذا إللي كان داخل الكيس إضغط هنا

This is what was inside the bag click here


Anonymous said…
mashallah ta9werich 3ajeeeb,,stylekom waid 7elow, kel yim3a an6er ur Friday gathering post , Love it
what is the boot brand in the 3rd pic ?
Anonymous said…
ماشاء الله البلوق عجيييب وستايلج وايد سمبل وحلوو

ممكن سؤال القميص الرمادي اللى بأول صوره من وين؟؟
mimi said…
Some of the girls are wearing boots !
Is it time for boots ? A7es taw el nas :/
Unknown said…
I got the same boots :P
3ash net a porter ;)
Om azoz said…
The boots r valentinoo :)
Anonymous said…
Tawny 6ai7a 3ala ur blog and the friday posts are inspiring keep it up i love you and your familys style ;)
D said…
Allah e3eenich 3al ell yes'elun min wein. Shda3wa ell bill suwar min mareekh. Tra it's all available bil soog,
Anonymous said…
nice summer clothes but
boots !! its almost hell in kuwait
and why wearing rain boot why ?are you going to the farm y3ny to milk the cow in this kind of rainy weather :P or what?!
eshda3wa 3aleekom ya banat elkuwait the weather is F*** HOT !
How do you feel wearing such things under kuwaits' freaking sun !! ahhhhhhhh icant even tolerate seeing girls wearing boots ifeel hot myself !!

mrasltkon now in kuwait and iam shocked ya banat !
Sarona said…
love your Friday Gathering posts and so good to have them back.
you all look so lovely! and I've been eyeing those Valentino Boots for a while but haven't made the plunge yet
noora said…
those friday posts have been missed :) welcome back

eshsar 3ala recipe il triangular cake? plz post it soon :) thanx n keep the lovely posts coming

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