Event: Retrospection

Retrospection is an art exhibition that showcases photos, paintings and drawings.

open also tomorrow (December 23 2010) from  10:00 am  to  10:00 pm

and the day after (December 24 2010 - Last Night)  from  10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Those are my favorites by Naser Al Qatami


Khalid said…
looks nice walla!
mashallah ebdaa3!
Anonymous said…
eurph first picz
looks scary at least the theme should include something nice..

good luck sweety ..
but onen more thing be4 leaving this place mr.khalid what looks nice ??!
EBDA3 this is kelah taqleed..

7aboba mo tz3leen just my opinion on how isee things for real
mrasltkom ;)
B said…
These photos looks disturbing to me :$


but The first two pic's terrifying and scary: (
Me Blogging said…
Khalid: Law kanaw akbar yemkin chan saraw a7la o aghrab

Moraselatkom: ekhthay ra7tich :)

B + Angel Heart: ya3ni, kind of :)

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